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TAE40116 Certificate IV Training and Assessment (Melbourne)

Mandatory Pre-learning contained in your Student Portal
There is online learning that you will be required to complete before class. This online learning pertains to the broad topic of training and assessment and also some more specific online learning relating to one of the core units in this qualification: TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills. This online learning may take up to 10 hours to complete and some of it is material that is not covered in the classroom. It covers essential content that you will need to understand in order to complete tasks in your face-to-face class.  Please note, the online learning contains activities however these do not form part of the assessment for this qualification. They are for the purpose of learning only.

In summary, there are two courses you must complete before attending class (in this order):
1. Introduction to TAE40116 
2. LLN - Address Adult language, literacy and learning
In this portal are also other resources, all of which will be in a USB that will be handed to you on Day 1 of your course, so there is no need to download these, unless there is something that particularly interests you. Some folders contain large files. There are, however, several documents that will be beneficial to look at before attending your class: TAE40116 Assessment TasksTimetable and the Getting Started on TAE40116 and we would encourage you to download these and familiarise yourself with them.

What to expect in class
Each day our experienced trainers will be covering key concepts relating to this qualification. You will be involved in group and individual activities, some of which count towards your assessments, and include you delivering a small training session (in week 1) and two larger training sessions (in week 2). You will have some time in class to prepare for these training sessions. You will also have time for research and for individual assessment work on certain days.

Homework each night
Please expect to work at home after class on certain days so that you are adequately prepared for the training sessions that you need to deliver. Please note, you will be required to do more homework and preparation on the evenings of Day 1, Day 3, Day 8 and the middle weekend of your course. 
If you are able to do additional homework after class each night, it will obviously assist with the amount of assessment work you will be required to complete after the face-to-face part of your course is complete.

A hard copy of our assessment task file can be purchased for $10 on Day 1. Please let your trainer know if you would like to purchase a hard copy of the document.
Please note, you will need access to a printer as part of the preparation for delivery of your training sessions in Week 2. CBD College does not offer photocopying services for students wishing to print materials however Officeworks is only a short walk from all of our training facilities.

What to expect after class
As you will not complete all assessments tasks in-class, you will need to complete these after finishing the face-to-face component of your course. As soon as all assessment tasks are complete, you may submit them for marking.

Due date for assessments
You have 12 months from the first day of your face-to-face course to submit your assessment tasks. Your assessment file will not be accepted after this time. Extensions may be granted on compassionate grounds. Other extensions of up to 45 days may be granted by payment of an additional $499 re-enrolment fee.  Assessments need to be submitted in one file to the email address stated at the end of your assessment file.

Marking of your assessments
After submission of your assessment file, CBD College will acknowledge receipt of your assessments. Marking may take up to 15 business days. Once your work has been marked, you may be asked to resubmit on some of your work. Resubmission marking may take up to 5 business days.

Students who successfully complete and are deemed competent in all assessment tasks will receive a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Qualification and an Academic Transcript listing all 10 completed units.
Due to the integrated nature of the assessments, partial completion of tasks may not result in the completion of any individual units.

Tea and coffee are available at your venue. Lunch and snacks are not provided however shops are within walking distance of the training room. There is no parking available at CBD College Perth or CBD College Sydney. There is paid parking at CBD College Melbourne (see for location and daily charges).


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